Did 'Legends of Tomorrow' Just Introduce The Time Trapper?

While the Legion of Super-Heroes is expected to show up on Supergirl sooner rather than later, one [...]

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

While the Legion of Super-Heroes is expected to show up on Supergirl sooner rather than later, one of their biggest villains may have made an appearance at the end of tonight's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

In the comics, numerous individuals have used the name of The Time Trapper over the years, in part because the villain is incredibly powerful, but rarely shows his or her face. Draped in a purple robe that obscures almost everything about them, the villain has immense control over time itself.

That is the visual fans were treated to in the final moments of tonight's episode of Legends: a mysterious woman in a purple robe that obscured nearly every part of her, using some sort of powers to bring Vixen villain Kuasa back from the dead.

The Time Trapper is an enemy not only to heroes, but to other villains as well, most notably the Justice Society foe Mordru, an immortal mystic.

Those "revealed" or implied to have been the Time Trapper over the years include a Controller, his assistant Glorith, the hero Rokk Krinn, the young girl Lori Morning, and the villain Superboy-Prime.

Legion's resident expert-on-everything Brainiac 5 once theorized the Time Trapper is actually a "sentient alternate timeline rebelling against ours. His own history changes, I'd guess even his identity could alter, as the true timeline marches on." This makes him, essentially, impossible to kill.

One good guess might be that the woman in the robe on Legends could be a version of Glorith, who was one of Mordru's wives and an aide to the Time Trapper, who eventually would briefly take on the identity herself. Because the robed figure on Legends refers to herself as a follower of Mallus, a name with no significant DC analogue, it is possible that Legends will incorporate a new character name as an analogue to Mordru, either to give them more flexibility of storytelling or to fool the audience or both.

Later, a young girl named Lori Morning would be introduced as an ally of the Legion, but it was revealed that she was (possibly?) destined to be the Time Trapper. Eventually it was confirmed at a convention that this character was intended to be the post-Zero Hour reboot of Glorith.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, following new episodes of The Flash.