Does Oliver Use Kryptonite Arrows in 'Crisis on Earth-X?'

arrows as it flies toward her. The big question fans want to know is -- is that Kryptonite on the [...]

(Photo: Warner Bros. TV/The CW)

Among the cool moments in the latest trailers for The CW's next big DC crossover, "Crisis on Earth-X," is a moment where Overgirl -- the Supergirl of Earth-X -- catches one of Oliver Queen's (we assume) arrows as it flies toward her. The big question fans want to know is -- is that Kryptonite on the tip?

In the image seen above, the tip of Oliver's arrow is glowing green, and there appears to be a bit of a jagged aspect to it.

In Supergirl, the only one of the Arrowverse shows to have depicted Kryptonite before, the ore is always glowing.

Granted, there have been dozens of arrows fired off by Oliver Queen at various targets in over the six seasons of Arrow that have had glowing, green tips -- it is an easy way of helping the audience keep track of the projectile in what is frequently a darkly-lit show, and it helps to distinguish between the standard arrows and trick arrows.

Still, the fact that it was fired at a Kryptonian makes this one feel like a coincidence is unlikely -- especially when the trope of Oliver Queen having kryptonite arrows is one that has appeared numerous times in popular culture, most recognizably in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and on Smallville.

Another question might be where the Kryptonite came from, and its effectiveness against the target. So far, audiences have only seen Earth-38 Kryptonite, but this could just as easily be from Earth-X or even Earth-1 if they could somehow find a way to locate it.

Historically -- at least in the thirty-odd years since Crisis on Infinite Earths -- the Kryptonite of a different universe does not affect Kryptonians. If this was green-K, one could argue it would probably have to have been harvested on Earth-X unless to be effective -- unless the Arrowverse rules are different.

(Of course, The Ray and Citizen Cold could have brought some over, especially since Overgirl is a fixture on their planet so it would stand to reason rebels against the Reich would want all the Kryptonite they could get.)

"Crisis on Earth-X" is a four-hour event that will air on November 27 and 28 beginning at 8 p.m. and running for two hours each day; Supergirl (8 p.m. Monday), The Flash (8 p.m. Tuesday) and Legends of Tomorrow (9 p.m. Tuesday) will remain in their normal time slots but Arrow will move from Thursday to a 9 p.m. Monday placement for the week.