Doom Patrol Season 2 First Look Released

Doom Patrol is one of the most acclaimed hits in the DC Universe content library, having won over critics in season 1. The series (based on the lesser-known DC Comics team of freaks) broke the mold of typical superhero TV shows, with its totally absurd, vulgar, gross, and downright heartful look at a group of very damaged would-be heroes. Given the limited number of eyeballs on the show (and DC Universe in general), it was a small miracle when the makers of Doom Patrol announced season 2 during San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Now we have our first look at Doom Patrol season 2 to share!

The season 1 storyline (which saw the Doom Patrol come together to fight Mr. Nobody, stop two overgrown animals on a rampage, and made the discovery that The Chief screwed up their lives and made him freaks, all to save his own daughter. Now that daughter, Dorothy Spinner, is back at Doom Manor with the team, meaning that the Doom Patrol are now the most unqualified parental figures, to a dangerously superpowered kid.

As you can see in the photos above, Doom Patrol season 2 looks to be getting back to form, with the team giving off their usual odd-pairing vibe, even when in superhero pose. It definitely looks like things are still awkward in the one team shot with Crazy Jane, Elasti-Girl, Cyborg and Robotman, and given the events of the season 1 finale, that would be understandable if this scene took place at the beginning of season 2. Finally, Dorothy Spinner makes an appearance (at least from the rear), as Cliff dips back into his old bag of tricks as a competitive racer, in order to entertain the girl.

As you can see, this is Doom Patrol, which means that there has to be a level of meta humor, even in this season 2 first-look image gallery. The photos come with captions that are very much in the spirit of Mr. Nobody's narration from season 1 - including a joke about "drag race" in the photo of Cliff and Dorothy. Classic Doom Patrol. Production on the sophomore season was shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic - no telling how much of it has been completed, thus far.

Doom Patrol Season 2 will debut on June 25th, on both DC Universe and HBO Max.