'Doom Patrol' EP Teases Other DC Comics Characters Coming to the Series

Doom Patrol already boasts a pretty unique roster of DC Comics characters, but it sounds like a [...]

Doom Patrol already boasts a pretty unique roster of DC Comics characters, but it sounds like a few more could be in store.

During the show's panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, showrunner Jeremy Carver spoke about the upcoming DC Universe series, and what characters from the comics fans can expect to see. Carver teased that characters such as Beard Hunter, Celsius, Lodestone, and Danny the Street are coming to the series in some form or fashion.

"The show is dipping into different versions of the Doom Patrol over the years." Carver explained, before going on to cite the Silver Age and Grant Morrison iterations of the comic in particular.

While some of these characters had been assumed to appear in the series already (namely Danny the Street, who was name-dropped in Doom Patrol's Titans episode), some will surely be a surprise to DC fans. And if you're unfamiliar with that roster of characters, here's what you need to know.

In the comics, Danny is a sentient piece of geography, who has the ability to place himself anywhere at will. He has the ability to communicate with people via signs and messages on the street, and was given the ability to transfer his personality into the street's residents in Gerard Way's recent iteration of the comics.

Celsius is known as Arani Desi Caulder, an Indian woman who becomes the wife of Dr. Niles Caulder (played by Timothy Dalton in the series). Arani is given immortality and the ability to control fire and ice, which she uses to help - and even lead a new iteration of the team in Niles' absence - on many occasions.

Lodestone, also known as Rhea Jones, is the daughter of an Air Force general, who is given electromagnetic abilities in an explosion in the Arctic. After getting her powers, Rhea runs away and joins the circus, only to be recruited by Arani to join the latest iteration of the Doom Patrol. She was put into a coma during the Invasion! storyline, something that lasted for much of Morrison's run, until it was revealed that she'd transformed into a magnetic butterfly known as The Pupa.

Beard Hunter, as the name suggests, is a villain who, out of jealousy, hunts down bearded men that he believes to be criminals. (Yes, really.)

While it's unclear exactly how all of these characters will factor into Doom Patrol's fold, the notion that the show is highlighting some of the ensemble's most unique members is certainly a delight.

Doom Patrol stars Timothy Dalton as The Chief, April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman, Brendan Fraser as Robotman, Matt Bomer as Negative Man, Diane Guererro as Crazy Jane, Jovian Wade as Cyborg, and Alan Tudyk as Negative Man.

Doom Patrol will debut on February 15th on DC Universe.