'Doom Patrol' Star Diane Guerrero Reveals How She Keeps Up With All 64 of Crazy Jane's Personalities

When Doom Patrol debuts this weekend, it will bring about the live-action debut of Crazy Jane, and [...]

When Doom Patrol debuts this weekend, it will bring about the live-action debut of Crazy Jane, and now we have a bit more insight into how that portrayal is crafted.

During the recent Television Critics Association press tour, ComicBook.com got a chance to speak to Diane Guerrero, who will portray the character in the upcoming DC Universe series. Seeing as Jane sports 64 distinct personalities - each of which give her a unique superpower - Guerrero revealed some of the behind-the-scenes challenges that went into crafting the character.

"Every time I present a new character; you know sometimes we have to sort of turn it over rather quickly and that's scary for me." Guerrero revealed. "And then keeping track of every character is scary, the thought of that was scary. But now that I've actually been doing it, there is something so grounded in this character that it's just, it's not as difficult as I once thought. It's still challenging, believe me. And sometimes I'm scared [that] I'm not doing it right. But all I'm doing is creating, and basing it off of someone who has been severely hurt and traumatized. I just kind of try things out and see where they land. I just have to make sure that I'm being honest and truthful to the character."

In the comics, Jane is a young woman also known as Kay Challis, whose dissociative identity disorder begins to form as a result of the abuse she suffered as a child. When she is hit by the Dominators' "gene bomb", Kay's alternate personalities are each affected, which ultimately leads to her being recruited as a member of the Doom Patrol. While it's unclear exactly how Jane's origins will be adapted onto television - and which personalities audiences are going to see - Guerrero revealed one unique trick that's helped her embody each side of her character.

"I keep a journal, and I do have a whiteboard in my trailer." Guerrero explained. "And I just make sure that I attribute where this person is leading from - Are they leading from their eyes? Are they leading from their chest? how are they walking? What is their main character trait? I keep all of that. You know, [showrunner] Jeremy Carver suggested when I first got the role that I pick music for each character. So Jane is really into punk rock. And other characters... like maybe Karen is into Backstreet Boys. You know what I mean? So that's also been a lot of fun, because my music taste is kind of wide and sort of all over the place, so I enjoy doing that. There's a lot of characters I haven't explored yet, so I look forward to that."

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The first episode of Doom Patrol debuts Friday, February 15th, on DC Universe.

Additional reporting by Scott Huver.