Echo Kellum Says You'll Definitely See Mr. Terrific Costume This Season on Arrow

When Echo Kellum got upgraded to series regular on Arrow, it was only a matter of time before Curtis Holt slapped on the "Fairplay" jacket and started fighting crime, many fans thought. Well, they thought right.

"I can definitely say you'll see it this season, 100%. You won't have to wait too long," Kellum told during an interview at San Diego Comic-Con. Funny enough, he's actually already worn a jacket on the show with "Fairplay" on it, but "nobody noticed it." [Note: The episode was S4E5, "Haunted," and here at, we totally noticed it.]

"It's something that's definitely a part of Curtis," he teased. Right now he's doing "a lot of working out, hitting the gym," a shift for him from the "jargon and techno babble" that was already a unique challenge.


"There's a lot of layers to Curtis. When he's in the Mr. Terrific persona, he's definitely different," Kellum said. Yes, that's confirmation as well that he'll be using that particular superhero name. "It's really cool to dive into that aspect of him, and play him a little different, more confident and sure of himself. Really going for it."

Having a season to develop the character before going to the superhero aspect was "so great" to Kellum, whose position on the series went from recurring to regular for season five. "To have a season under my belt, be comfortable, and understand the world" helps him explore new things with Holt this year. He praised the cast for treating everyone on the show wonderfully, from guest stars to crew. "I think one of the things I'm looking forward to the most is his trajectory in playing different aspects of him... And punching people in the face. That's really exciting."


Arrow returns to The CW Wednesday October 5, 2016.