First Look At DC Comics Rebirth's Joker

Joker Rebirth
(Photo: DC Comics)

Thanks to some artwork courtesy of artist Rafael Albuquerque, we have our first look at DC Rebirth's new Joker.

The artist released a first look on his Instagram page, and It combines a little of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns (the white suit, purple shirt, and white tie combination) with a healthy dose of Jared Leto's take in the upcoming Suicide Squad (skinnier frame, slicked back green hair). The art itself is for a Fried Pie variant cover for Batman #1, which is being written by Tom King and drawn by David Finch and Mikel Janin.

Variant Fried Pie cover for Batman #1 #dccomics #batman #rebirth

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This is one of the more drastic redesigns, look wise at least, involved in DC Rebirth thus far. The Joker has gone through a few looks over the years, with his most recent being the "face mask (literally)" wearing version seen in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's much loved Batman run.

The Joker on display here is a nice balance between the books and the films, and it makes sense that DC would give the comic version a few recognizable elements from Leto's take on the persona. DC certainly has high hopes for Suicide Squad, and being able to spin the characters from it out into other films is important to the studio, starting with the rumored Harley Quinn focused film.

As for Albuquerque, he is on art duties for the relaunch of Batgirl, along with writer Hope Larson.