Francesca Ruscio Campaigning for Role of Huntress in DC's 'Birds Of Prey'

Warner Bros. and DC's upcoming Birds of Prey haven't announced an official cast for the film, but [...]

Warner Bros. and DC's upcoming Birds of Prey haven't announced an official cast for the film, but there is one actress who is ready to go all in if the chance arrives.

That would be actress Francesca Ruscio, who has been campaigning to play the part of Helena Bertinelli in the upcoming Birds of Prey film. Fans have latched onto the idea as well, and her name recently popped up next to the role on IMDB. While that isn't confirmation that she is going to play the part, Ruscio's recent tweets have made it clear she is up for it if it happens.

Ruscio posted an image of herself with the caption, "I'm ready to tell your story. #HelenaBertinelli #Huntress #BirdsOfPrey" in July.

When a fan posted the message "I'd love to see @FrancescaRuscio land the role of #Huntress! She's got the look, attitude, and skills to pull this character off for sure. #BirdsOfPrey," Ruscio retweeted it and tagged Geoff Johns, who is, of course, working with DC on several upcoming DC films.

Ruscio has also retweeted stories about the Huntress role in Birds of Prey, so it's easy to see she has an affinity for the character.

This would be a big role for Ruscio, as the actress was featured in shows like Farm Kings and the short film Trust, but nothing on this type of scale. Ruscio does have several projects in production, including The Ex-Files, Made in Chinatown, Bare Knuckle Brawler, and Caesar's Ring, which come out this year and in 2019.

As for Birds of Prey, the film will reportedly revolve around Harley Quinn, Black Canary, and Huntress, as well as Renee Montoya, and a new synopsis has surfaced indicating that the four characters will come together to save Cassandra Cain, who of course goes on to become Batgirl and then Orphan. While the other parts haven't been cast yet, Margot Robbie would be returning in the role of Harley Quinn. While Joker is mentioned, it is unlikely that Jared Leto will have a part to play in this project.

Huntress has been one of the trademark members of the team in the comics, alongside Batgirl and Black Canary. Some may be surprised then that Harley will be a member of the team in the movie, but looking at it from WB's standpoint, it makes sense, as aside from Wonder Woman Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is their most bankable star. Including her in the film only makes sense financially.

Are you excited for Birds of Prey, and would Ruscio make a good Huntress? Let us know in the comments!