Gail Simone Wants to Write Canary Episode of 'Arrow'

Legendary DC comics writer of title such as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Birds of Prey, Gail Simone [...]

Legendary DC comics writer of title such as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Birds of Prey, Gail Simone wants to write an episode of Arrow, particularly a Canary episode of The CW superhero show.

While writing for Arrow is something Simone has said in the past, she recently brought the idea up again when replying to a fan on Twitter who asked if she would be open to writing for the show.

Simone's post that she would specifically like to write a Black Canary-centric episode should come as no surprise for comic book fans as Black Canary was one of the characters Simone wrote during her run on Birds of Prey, but fans in Reddit's Arrow community questioned what version of the Canary Simone wanted to write about.

In Arrow's fourth season, Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) died and while Cassidy has returned to the series as the evil Earth-2 incarnation of Laurel, Black Siren, the Canary role on Team Arrow has been filled by Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy) who, while she shares the name of DC Comics' Black Canary (and, if that wasn't confusing enough, Arrow's Laurel's mom) the character is otherwise not related to Laurel Lance's hero. With all the different versions of the character on Arrow, fans speculated that Simone -- who reportedly doesn't watch Arrow regularly -- may not be aware which version of the heroine she's be writing for, though fans in the Reddit community noted that they would be interested in seeing what Simone could do regarding all of the show's versions of the character.

However, confusion as to which Black Canary the episode would be centered on aside, there don't appear to be any current plans for Simone to write for the popular superhero series. though this isn't the first time Simone has expressed interest in writing for a television or movie project. Earlier this year Simone tweeted that she had ideas for a Power Rangers movie, too.

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.