People Think George Clooney Is Actually Batman After Learning This Fact

George Clooney is a bonafide sex symbol and acclaimed actor, director, and producer... but, he also carries the infamous title of being the worst live-action Batman actor of all time. However, opinion on that matter now appears to be shifting after so many years - just not in the way that most DC fans expected. Clooney is still at a major loss when it comes to ranking Batman actors, but he's also now in contention to be crowned as the greatest real-life Batman of all time! One Twitter user re-shared a story about Clooney's Batman-level humanitarian efforts, and fans are definitely taking notice!

First, here's the tweet that got Clooney trending for being the best actual Batman we've ever seen:

"Today I found out the most fucking insane thing and that's George Clooney did all those Nespresso ads so he could spend millions of dollars keeping his own private satellite in orbit over Sudan for years to keep track of war crimes being committed by the Sudanese government" --@SimplyTome

The tweet quickly went viral, as Batman fans (and George Clooney haters) had to give it up to the actor for pulling a truly Batman move. A wealthy guy using a private satellite to observe evildoers committing crimes? That's definitely something that Batman not only would do, but arguably has done (see: the Justice League Watchtower satellite).

However, while it is fun to see George Clooney finally getting some Batman love, this is the Internet we're talking about, and it didn't take long for the praise to be torn down. After the initial post above, another Twitter user spoke up, claiming to be the manager of the project Clooney worked on. He disputes the claim that Clooney was as influential as people are claiming:

"I was the manager of this project at Harvard and let this be the first time anyone notes publicly, none of what your tweet implies is accurate. While Clooney put up the initial money to start the project all the satellite imagery was donated by DG & we only saw $700K from Clooney" --@BenjaminDavies3


Whatever the case may be, it's still pretty cool to see Clooney involved in this kind of work - and should definitely count to his Batman ranking score.

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