Gotham Actor Anthony Carrigan on if He'd Ever Return to Zsasz

Anthony Carrigan, who played Victor Zsasz on Gotham, says he would be happy to step into that [...]

Anthony Carrigan, who played Victor Zsasz on Gotham, says he would be happy to step into that slim-fitting suit again if the opportunity were to arise -- something that doesn't seem entirely implausible. With the 2019-2020 TV event Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC fans learned that no version of their favorite characters is ever truly gone, as long as someone is willing to come up with a way to bring them back to the screen. Next up, The Flash movie is said to feature Michael Keaton's Batman in a key role, marking his first appearance in the role in 20 years.

Carrigan played the role of Zsasz in 20 episodes of the fan-favorite series from 2014 until 2020, being one of only a handful of characters who appeared throughout the entire life of the series. The character has become much more popular among casual audiences since Carrigan began his run.

"Yeah, for sure. I had so much fun doing it," Carrigan told "When you're hanging up your costume, it's a little bittersweet....The opportunity to go back would be fantastic. I'm all for it."

Carrigan wasn't the first live-action Zsasz -- the character had a brief appearance in Batman Begins, played by Tim Booth -- he was the one that gave him definition, and got fans attached to him. In the time since he debuted the role on Gotham, the character of Zsasz has reappeared in live action twice more -- in Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (played by Chris Messina), and Batwoman (Alex Morf).

The producers behind Gotham went from a Batman origin story set vaguely in the '80s, to an Alfred Pennyworth origin story (Pennyworth), set vaguely in the 60s. That means it's unlikely Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon will bring Carrigan back to the role. The Batman director Matt Reeves, meanwhile, is doing Gotham PD, a TV series for HBO Max that takes place in the world of the film and seems to be more or less a higher-budget Gotham, which Warner can control entirely. The idea of Carrigan playing the part there isn't out of the question, but certainly is far from a given, since it's likely Warner will be wary of having a DC Films universe version, an Arrowverse version, and a Reeves-verse version all active at the same time.

Of course, as we noted above, that doesn't mean it won't happen eventually.

Carrigan is currently appearing in Fatherhood, which is now streaming, only on Netflix.