Gotham Stars Haven't Been Approached for Batman Movie Roles

Gotham wrapped up its story awhile back with a truly memorable finale. After spending years in Gotham, audiences were given a chance to see how the city shaped up under Batman's watch, and the action-packed teaser had fans fawning. In fact, many began wondering if the Gotham stars would get a chance to appear in a Batman movie, but it seems the stars have heard nothing on that front.

Recently, a slew of stars from Gotham appeared at Dragon Con in Atlanta. David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Maggie Geha, Robin Lord Taylor, and Donal Logue appeared at the panel to talk about their work on the show. It was there the group was asked if the were ever approached by DC to appear in a film. However, the group gave a resounding no.

"Not yet, but I do think, honestly, they really — for better or worse, and I totally understand — they keep the cinematic and the television universes separate," Logue told fans.

"If they're approaching Joaquin Phoenix to do something, they're not gonna ask Cameron [Monaghan] to audition. It's a totally separate thing. And maybe it's good. I like we have our corner of the world."

Of course, fans wish they could see more of the Gotham gang. The show ended on a high note, and its depiction of Batman went over well with fans. It is no surprise the fandom would like to see Gotham continue with its own Batman-centric TV show, but there are no official plans for such a series at this time.


Still, Gotham has found its way back to TV thanks to Batwoman. The CW will set out with its own solo series for Batwoman this fall, and Ruby Rose will bring Kate Kane to life. Gotham will also reappear on the big screen before long as Todd Phillips' Joker is set in the city, and Matt Reeves will surely head back to Gotham with The Batman.

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