Gotham Cast Would Be Open to Revival Under One Condition

It has been awhile since fans checked in on Gotham, but the series remains a favorite with fans. When the show left off, the world was given a glimpse into the Gotham which Batman would oversee, and plenty wanted to see more of it. It turns out the cast of Gotham would be keen to show as much to fans, but the group will only do so under one big condition.

Recently, Dragon Con hit up Atlanta as usual, and it was there the cast of Gotham reunited. The ensemble was asked if they would consider returning for a continuation of Gotham, and Donal Logue said the cast was game so long as everyone came back planned.

"I think if the other people were involved, we'd absolutely be down to do it together," the actor said. "It would just get funky if it was [without them]. We were really very close and will remain so. ... It'd be hard to imagine doing this stuff without Ben [McKenzie]."

Continuing, Robin Lord Taylor said the cast is excited to see how huge Gotham grows from here. The show may have shut its door, but re-runs and online streaming will hopefully reintroduce new audiences to Gotham year after year.

"It's a whole different world now, it's insane. Nothing goes away anymore. And also, our show hits Netflix on September 30th, the final season comes out on Netflix September 30th, and people are just going to continue to discover the show," Lord said.

"So as the years go on, it just gets bigger and bigger. It's really exciting."

Right now, there are no official plans to revisit Gotham or any of the characters it brought to life. However, The CW has plans to bring its own version of the infamous city to life. This year, Batwoman will hit the small screen in her own solo series starring Ruby Rose. The series' executive producer has already nixed any ideas of a Gotham cameo, but fans are hoping Batwoman will revive some of the characters which made the FOX series so well loved.


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