Robin Lord Taylor Teases Penguin's Final 'Gotham' Arc

Gotham is coming to an end next year, with only ten more episodes before the entire series is complete. For most of the characters on the show, the end will bring a transition into the iconic comic characters that we've all come to love over the years. It's how exactly they get there that will be interesting to watch.

As fans saw towards the end of last season, Penguin still has a ways to go before he becomes the comic-accurate version of himself, but he's closer to that ending than he's ever been.

During a visit to the Gotham set, spoke with star Robin Lord Taylor about what's next for Penguin, and his final arc on the show.

"He's in the best place he's ever been, the second Jeremiah blows the bridges Gotham is shut off from the rest of the world," Taylor said. "There's a huge power vacuum, someone needs to step in and control, and as messed up as it is Penguin is one of the most qualified people to do that having been Mayor of Gotham as successfully, unsuccessfully- I'll leave it up to the viewers to decide but that's an amazing opportunity for him to rebuild the power structure in Gotham city in his own image the way he wants it to be done.

"Unfortunately that puts him right up against Jim Gordon, classically, as we've always sort of had going since the beginning is that dynamic between Penguin and Jim and so both of them trying to rest control- and also not just from each other but from the rest of these rogues galleries of everyone controlling their territories. It's forcing all of these characters to have to deal each other and come to the table regardless of past grievances."


There may not be a character who has gone through more ups and downs throughout the first four seasons of Gotham than Oswald Cobblepot. He's fought against, and alongside, just about every other major character on the show. So it's safe to say that, no matter what happens, his ending is going to be nothing short of fascinating.

How do you think Penguin will transform over the course of Gotham's final episodes? Let us know your best predictions in the comments!