Gotham Showrunner "Hopeful" for Catwoman Spinoff

It's a bittersweet Friday morning for Gotham fans. For the first time in the five year history of [...]

It's a bittersweet Friday morning for Gotham fans. For the first time in the five year history of the series, there isn't another episode on the horizon, or at least the hope that more episodes are on the way. The series came to a close on Thursday night with a full time jump episode, showing the arrival of Batman 10 years in the future. This was a fitting end to the DC prequel series, introducing the character that it spent 100 episodes setting up and teasing. However, there's a chance this might not exactly be the end for one of the more popular Gotham characters.

While Selina Kyle was played by young actress Camren Bicondova throughout the entire series, Gotham brought in an older replacement for the flash forward in the finale. Lili Simmons took over for Bicondova in this last episode and provided a pretty seamless transition. In fact, she was convincing enough in the role that whispers of a spinoff seem to be filling the air.

After the episode, TVLine spoke with showrunner John Stephens about the ending of the series, and specifically asked about a potential spinoff following Simmons' Catwoman in the years before Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham. Stephens didn't say that anything was in the works necessarily, but he didn't shut things down either.

"I don't know that it's planted," Stephens responded when asked if they had planted the seeds of a spinoff. "I'd say… hopeful?"

So the producers and writers of Gotham didn't exactly have a spinoff in mind when they made this finale, but it would be safe to say that they'd like to try and make something happen with Simmons and the character. After all, if there was going to be a spinoff of Gotham, this is the one that makes the most sense.

Selina Kyle is a popular character and Lili Simmons can definitely anchor a series on her own. What's even more important is that this show could stand on its own without help from the rest of the Gotham cast and characters. If it takes place in the years before Bruce comes back, you don't have to deal with Batman at all, both Penguin and Riddler are locked up, and crime seemed to be at an all time low for the city. Selina could exist on her own without getting caught up in anything else going on in the mythos of the show.

There's no telling if a Gotham spinoff will ever come to fruition, but this is one that we'd definitely love to see.


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