'Gotham' Star Cameron Monaghan Teases Joker, Pokes Fun at Joaquin Phoenix's Version

When Gotham returns for its final season on FOX next year, it will finish off the story of Bruce Wayne's journey toward becoming the caped crusader known as Batman. But every great hero needs a great villain, and it seems like Jeremiah Valeska will return to torment the young vigilante once again.

The new season of Gotham will be adapting elements of the classic Batman comics No Man's Land and Zero Year, with a dash of Joker added for good measure. Jeremiah actor Cameron Monaghan just teased his upcoming appearance on the final season, with a look that's sure to impress some classic DC Comics fans.

While Gotham has yet to outright reveal Monaghan's character as the Joker, they have provided plenty of hints over the years. From his first character Jerome taking on an appearance that mixed Heath Ledger's version with the modern take by Greg Capullo, to his twin brother Jeremiah being a take on The Killing Joke version.

But Monaghan's character is not the only version of the Joker that fans can expect to see, as Warner Bros. is currently in production on an origin movie starring Joaquin Phoenix as the younger Clown Prince of Crime, with Todd Phillips directing the movie.

Monaghan also had fun with this new take, posting a GIF of Mister Rogers putting on a clown mask very similar to the one Phoenix was seen wearing in set photos.

The actor has teased his role as the Joker over the course of his time on the series, especially after the twist from last year in which Jerome was killed off and Jeremiah emerged as the new imminent threat to Gotham City.

"I can't wait for it to all be cut together, and for everything that happened to make its way forward. I can't wait to see it," Monaghan said to ComicBook.com. "It's a really unique experience and I think the story, it's really clever. I think it helps spin the narrative of both Jerome and the Joker, in a new and exciting kind of way. It adds its own twist to the mythos. I think it's really fun and really unique. So yeah. I can't tell you enough, it's a really cool challenge."


We'll see how Jeremiah terrorizes the city when Gotham returns to FOX in 2019.