Gotham Knights Recap With Spoilers: "Under Pressure"

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for this week's episode of The CW's Gotham Knights, "Under Pressure". Read beyond this point at your own risk.

Somewhere in Gotham, the Mutant Gang steals some major weapons only for the leader, Vernon Wagner, to be confronted by Robin. They fight and she manages to win, taking the criminal down all by herself, leaving him to be arrested by the GCPD. Back at the hideout, Carrie is thrilled with her victory. Turner is still going over his father's journals. Duela tries to take it to read, but he stops her. Turner hasn't really found anything to help with their investigation — Turner thinks there could be something on the missing pages.

Wagner's arrested is major news, prompting the Mayor to make a statement talking about celebrating the victory at the upcoming Founder's Gala. Harvey later confronts the Mayor about him getting the charges dropped against Brody March in exchange for a donation to the Mayor's re-election campaign. At school, Stephanie talks to Carrie about her work as Robin. Stephanie reassures Carrie that Bruce would be proud of her. Brody shows up and invites Stephanie to the Founder's Gala.

Turner isn't thrilled Stephanie is going to the Gala but talks to her about what he's found in his dad's journals. Bruce had a theory that the Court of Owls have been hunting his family for a century and there is a report that an ancestor, Allen Wayne, was yelling "the owls are in my house" right before his death. Stephanie, suggest they get the original police case file and Cullen suggests they steal it from the GCPD.

That night, the Mutant Gang shots down a GCPD airship and it crashes into ACE Chemicals. They are now threatening to unleash violence on the city until Wagner is released from custody. Carrie says she has to clean up this mess on her own, but Turner offers to be her backup. She tells him no because Bruce didn't want him going down his same path. Cullen comes up with the plan to impersonate a police officer and just go request the file with forged papers. Harper doesn't like this plan, but Duela sticks up for Cullen. She also has a favor she wants from him.

At the Gala, Stephanie makes small talk with Brody's parents and it's awkward while elsewhere, Carrie goes to deal with the Mutant Gang at their warehouse and is nearly killed but Turner shows up and saves her. They discover that the gang has stolen a lot of chemicals form ACE and the containers are empty. Back at the Gala, Harvey mingles with Mr. and Mrs. March, and it's revealed that Harvey knows Mrs. March, though he lies and says they just met. At the GCPD, Cullen makes a rookie mistake but gets into the records room with no issue.

Back at the hideout, Turner and Carry bring empty containers for Harper to identify and figure out what the Gang is up to. She deduces that they are making a poison gas bomb and then they figure out — thanks to Duela — that the target are the attendees of the Founder's Gala which means that Stephanie is in danger. Turner calls her to warn her, but it's too late. The onslaught has begun. The Gang comes in and holds everyone hostage. They are demanding the release of Wagner, or they will detonate their bomb. As news breaks, Turner decides they need to act and wants Harper to help. She's not willing, but Duela is because she gets to fight the Mutant Gang. At the GCPD, Cullen gets roped into a briefing.

Turner and the others get into where the bomb is thanks Stephanie's help, but Harper realizes pretty quickly it's going to be a problem to deal with the bomb. They have to disable it on site. The Mayor authorizes the release of Wagner. Harvey tries to tell him it's a bad idea, but the Mayor doesn't care. He thinks he's going to apprehend the rest of the gang. Harper and Stephanie get to work trying to figure out the bomb and realize it's going to go off no matter what and the gang came prepared with gas masks. Turner goes to try to get Harvey to stop the release of Wagner to buy some time.

Harper and Stephanie argue over how to deal with the bomb while Harvey tries to get the Mayor to recall the order to release the mutant leader but the Mayor refuses to do it. Wagner is released. The gang goes to detonate the bomb, but Harvey attacks the guy with the trigger. With time running out, Stephanie just goes ahead with her plan to cut the power and it works. The bomb doesn't go off. However, Harper is mad about the situation and claims that Stephanie thinks she's smarter than her because she goes to a good school and has money. Harvey Dent is hailed as a hero in the incident, but authorities find no bomb in the building. Duela brings the stolen jewelry from the event back to the hideout and they soon discover that there were a lot of Court of Owls in attendance. Cullen shows up with the police records. Carrie isn't handling the release of Wagner well, but she and Turner have a heartfelt conversation. Cullen gives Duela the thing she asked him to get for her — the Joker's card out of evidence. The next day, Harvey announces his candidacy for mayor and as he does, the current Mayor gets into his car and finds a Court of Owls coin. It's then revealed that the bomb that was taken from the Gala is in his car and has been detonated. He's dead.