Exclusive: Ivy Will Be Getting Poison Ivy Powers on 'Gotham' This Season

A couple of weeks ago, audiences saw Gotham end with Ivy taking a combination of dangerous potions. Her face started contorting as the potions started taking hold, and it was clear that the Ivy we had come to know on the series would never be the same.

What wasn't made clear was how exactly the poison would change Ivy. Fortunately, Gotham writer/executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt cleared things up for us, revealing that Ivy is about to get some classic comic powers we've all been waiting for.

"Without saying specifically which ones, I would say it's fair to say that her powers are going to increase and gain in their canonical way," Wynbrand said of Ivy's future powers.

During our interview, Wynbrandt went into a little more detail about Ivy's transformation, and what fans can expect from her return. Unfortunately, while she will be getting some of those powers from the comics, she won't be getting her iconic green skin.

"We're not going to go full green, but we are going to transform Ivy in a way that we think the audience won't expect, but that is pushing her along her development to becoming the Ivy that everyone knows from the comic book," Wynbrandt told us. "Staying true to our origin storytelling, we're not going to get quite that far with her where she's the green ivy, but she's definitely going to change."

We're finally going to get a more comic-accurate version of Poison Ivy on Gotham. The unfortunate part, however, is that she won't show up until later this season.

"She's going to be away for a while," Wynbrandt said. "We kind of are ramping up to her becoming a larger player in later episodes."


Gotham airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on Fox.