Fan-Favorite 'Gotham' Villain Returns in New Episode

With just a handful of episodes left before the series finale, Gotham is bringing out all the [...]

With just a handful of episodes left before the series finale, Gotham is bringing out all the stops throughout its final season. This means that most of the characters are finally becoming their fully-realized comic counterparts, and some of the fan-favorite faces from the past are coming back around for one last adventure before all is said and done. Tuesday night's new episode featured the latter, as one of Gotham's true cult heroes took center stage for the first time this season. We're talking of course, about the one and only Victor Zsasz.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Gotham! Continue reading at your own risk...

The fourth episode of Gotham's final season, "Ruin," took place immediately after the explosion at Jim Gordon's Haven, the set of buildings where he housed many of the city's refugees. After Barbara gave him a tip on a suspect, Jim joined forces with Penguin and took a small army to an abandoned corner of town. Once there, a sniper started shooting at them from a building across the way.

As it turns out, Zsasz is the one that has them pinned down, and he's suddenly the prime suspect in Jim Gordon's hunt for justice. Penguin might get in the way of that, however, as he still has a bone to pick with Zsasz dating back to last season. After working with Oswald for a long time, Zsasz sold him out to Sofia Falcone.

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Since he first appeared on Gotham back in 2014, Anthony Carrigan's Victor Zsasz has been adored by fans of the series, many of whom have been asking when he would return this season. During production, there was a question as to whether or not Zsasz would be making his way back to Gotham before all was said and done, but those doubts were squashed in December when Erin Richards posted a photo with Carrigan on the set.

There's no telling exactly how long Zsasz will stick around this time, but we're all hoping he gets plenty of screen time between now and the end of the series this spring.

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