FOX Assures 'Gotham' Won't Be Affected by Disney Purchase

Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox is big news for Marvel fans, knowing that all of their favorite characters can now be under one roof. But what does that mean for a program like Gotham, a product of DC Comics and Warner Bros., that airs on FOX?

According to executives at FOX, it means absolutely nothing.

During the network's presentation at the 2018 TCA Press Tour on Thursday, representatives talked all about the pending sale to Disney and how it could affect their plans moving forward. When it came to Gotham, they assured everyone in attendance that the Batman prequel series wasn't in danger.

Many were worried about Gotham's future with FOX, and for good reason. Being a DC Comics property, the sale of 21st Century Fox to Disney, Marvel's parent company, didn't seem like good news. However, when you dig deeper, the sale actually helps out a show like Gotham.

See, Disney is purchasing the Fox studios, not the FOX network. The network itself will still exist on its own, but the studio behind the channel won't be providing it with original shows any longer. Gotham is produced by Warner Bros. and airing on FOX, meaning that it's an operation completely separate from anything Disney acquired.


This purchase is sending waves all across the entertainment industry, but it looks like Gotham is going to be just fine.

Gotham will return to FOX with the second half of Season Four this spring.