'Gotham' Recasts Scarecrow Ahead of Season 4 Return

Scarecrow is coming back to Gotham, but he'll have an entirely new look when he arrives!

According to TV Line, actor David W. Thompson has been added to the Batman prequel series as Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. The Scarecrow, replacing Charlie Tahan.

Reports late last year hinted that the role was preparing to be recast, following the success of Ozark on Netflix. The Jason Bateman-starrer featured Tahan as a major character, and the second season renewal of the series prevented him from coming back to Gotham for another appearance.

Thompson will take over the role sometime in the back half of the season, which FOX just announced would premiere on Thursday, March 1. Prior to landing this new role, Thompson appeared in films like Blue Ruin and Green Room.

david w thompson
(Photo: John Keon/IMDb)

This isn't the only major recasting Gotham is going through this spring. Peyton List was added as Ivy, replacing Maggie Geha in the role. This marks the third different actress to play Ivy, after child performer Clare Foley was replaced by Geha in an effort to make the character older.

List's take on Ivy will be more dangerous than the previous iterations, and she will step up to assume a more villainous role, similar to the comics.

New episodes of Gotham will air on FOX on Thursday nights at 8pm ET, beginning on March 1.