Ben McKenzie Says Goodbye to 'Gotham'

Filming on the final episode of Gotham wrapped on Tuesday, meaning that production on FOX's Batman [...]

Filming on the final episode of Gotham wrapped on Tuesday, meaning that production on FOX's Batman prequel has officially come to a close. After five years and 100 episodes, the cast and crew of Gotham are starting to say goodbye.

Many of those who have been involved with the show for some time have taken to social media to bid farewell to their beloved series, including star Ben McKenzie.

On Tuesday night, Gotham's leading man took to Twitter to say goodbye, and share his gratitude for those who helped make the show a success.

"5 years. That's a wrap," McKenzie wrote. "Love to everyone involved."

The beginning of Gotham's end came back in the summer, when FOX announced that the show had been renewed for a shortened fifth and final season. Since then, everyone involved with the show, including the fans, has been preparing for the inevitable wrap. Knowing that the end was in sight has certainly been harder for some than others.

Gotham's young Bruce Wayne, David Mazouz, has essentially grown up on this show, spending the majority of his teenage years with this cast and crew. When spoke to Mazouz in October about the end of Gotham, he said he was trying to take things one day at a time.

"Geez. What's it like going through this? It's hard," Mazouz told "I have this tendency to live in the moment, I've kind of found that about myself so I'm not really, like even though I try to, which I don't often, even when I try to, it's kind of hard to realize that this is really almost it and we're really coming to a close and this era, defining era of my life, has almost ended. You know, we just had our very last scene in Wayne Manor yesterday with Sean [Pertwee] which is just weird to think about because I had so many, I mean, I probably spent cumulative weeks in there.

"So it's hard, and very nostalgic, but again, I don't know. I'm saying that I feel like that's the answer I'm supposed to give but really I'm just kind of living in the moment, living day-by-day and I don't think it's really going to hit me until it's actually over. If that makes any sense."

Gotham's fifth and final season premieres on FOX on Thursday, January 3, 2019.