'Gotham' Season 5 Photo Teases Return of the Court of Owls

With the city shaken to its core, it looks like Gotham's most dangerous group of villains is [...]

With the city shaken to its core, it looks like Gotham's most dangerous group of villains is preparing a return to power. That's right, the Court of Owls could be making a comeback next season.

Producer Danny Cannon has been sharing photos from the set of Gotham's fifth and final season, including the first look at Barbara Kean's new style. On Friday afternoon, Cannon shared an image of a rugged group of individuals who, while not named in any way, bare the resemblance of the Court of Owls.

See for yourself:

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If you recall, the Court of Owls acted as the main antagonists of Gotham's third season, trying to pull both Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon over to their side. In their attempts to convert the heroes, all of the members of the Court were killed, seemingly disbanding the organization.

However, some of the enforcers of the Court, also known as Talons, survived the massacre. These Mad Max-looking costumes depicted in Cannon's photo closely resemble the Talons from the Batman comic books, as opposed to the high society Court that they serve.

Gotham City is in ruins, and the destruction of No Man's Land is bringing all of the most evil villains out from hiding. They now feel empowered once again, perhaps none more so than the remnants of the Court of Owls. The city is starting over from the ground up, so why can't they.

If the Court of Owls are making a return to Gotham in Season 5, they join an already massive roster of potential villains. Penguin, Riddler, Jeremiah, Barbara, Man-Bat, Lady Shiva, Mother, and several others have already been confirmed to appear in the upcoming episodes.

It sounds like Bruce and Jim will have a lot of trouble on their hands when Gotham finally returns for its final installment.

Are you hoping to see the Court of Owls in Gotham Season 5? What do you think of the costume designs for these new characters? Let us know in the comments below!

Gotham's fifth and final season is set to air on FOX in 2019/