'Gotham' Season 5 Set Photos Reveal the Mutant Leader

"What Batman villain isn't going to be in Season 5?!" This is the question being asked by every single Gotham fan now that photos from the Season 5 set have surfaced online, teasing the introduction of The Mutants, a group of villains from Frank Miller's iconic comic series, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

The set photos feature an enormous man who has never been seen on the show before. He has a metallic visor over his eyes and a spiked mohawk on his head. Shirtless, and towering over the other characters on the set, it seems very likely that this is the character known as Mutant Leader.

You can see a few of the photos in the tweet below!

What may seem odd is that, assuming this is who we're thinking, the Mutants only appear in The Dark Knight Returns, a book that follows an older Bruce Wayne who comes back to Gotham City after a pseudo-retirement. Gotham, of course, is a Batman prequel series, featuring a young Bruce Wayne that has yet to don the cowl.

The Mutants may not have appeared in the city at this point in Batman's history, but they make perfect sense given the state of things in Gotham heading into Season 5. The city is currently in a state of decay and anarchy, with all of the villains that had been hiding in the shadows feeling empowered by Jeremiah's bombs, and making their presence felt on the tattered streets. When you think about all of the looting and rioting that went on during the No Man's Land storyline in the comics, the Mutants actually seem like a great fit for the on-screen adaptation.

It's easy to assume these characters will make their exit fairly quickly, given that they were only around for two issues of the comics.

In addition to the Mutants, it looks like Bane is also coming to Gotham in Season 5. Some of the episode titles from the new season recently surfaced online, teasing the introduction of the iconic villain.


What do you think of this potential look for the Mutant Leader in Gotham Season 5? Are there any other villains you're expecting to see enter the fold before the show comes to a close? Let us know in the comments!

Gotham's fifth and final season is set to air on FOX sometime in early 2019.