'Gotham's Sean Pertwee on How Bruce and Alfred Will Grow in Season 5

As Gotham draws nearer to its upcoming conclusion, fans of the Batman prequel series are waiting to see how the cast of beloved characters transition from who they are on the show, to the iconic comic iterations we've long followed. Bruce will become Batman by the time the series is over in 2019. Selina will become Catwoman, Jim Gordon the commissioner, and so on.

Something we're all overlooking however, is how the relationships between these characters will continue to evolve. Take Alfred and Bruce for example. Throughout the series, Alfred has been a guiding light and father figure to Bruce. However, by the time all is said and done, the duo will become much more like the way they are in the comics, with Alfred serving as partner and advisor to Bruce in his pursuit of justice.

While visiting the set of Gotham's final season, ComicBook.com spoke with star Sean Pertwee about how Bruce and Alfred will continue to evolve in the final installment.

"There's a time jump and there's a gear shift in our relationship, it starts to evolve into the relationship that everyone knows and loves about the original one and what we found," Pertwee told us. "An interesting twist on it is that Alfred releases him, let's him go, and funnily enough we played this scene the other day and funnily enough Bruce is in a bit of a quandary because he can't believe me. So that is when Alfred just goes, "Go on, you're not listening to me anyway. So I'd rather just tell me what you're doing and I'll be here if you need me." So, we see that the he's not quite happy with it. It got quite tenuous at moments. It's a really nice scene actually. So, that's where we're going and then of course we have the big end, where we draw to to an end. We draw to a close, but it's the summation of five years of their relationship."

While Alfred has long been an old man who watches over Bruce's cave while he's out fighting crime, Pertwee and Gotham have helped paint the character in a new light.


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The fifth and final season of Gotham will air in 2019 on FOX.