'Batman: The Animated Series Gotham Under Siege' Board Game Pre-Order Deal

Batman the Animated Series Gotham Under Siege box art

This is a very exiting time to be a fan of Batman: The Animated Series. For one thing, we’re finally getting a Blu-ray release later this year. We also have a new miniatures board game from IDW based on the classic show to look forward to. Get ready for Batman: The Animated Series - Gotham Under Siege.

The new game is expected to arrive on August 29th, and it is available to pre-order directly from Warner Bros for $49.95. Interestingly, they’re offering free shipping on the game until July 3rd, which is a very rare deal from the WBShop. Compare that to Amazon’s current listings for the game, which come from third party sellers with high shipping costs and a November ship date. If you need a little convincing, check out the official description below. Gotham Under Siege certainly looks like it will be a fun addition to your board game collection:

"A shadowy organization is pulling the strings of all the criminal groups in Gotham. While the city has never truly been safe, lately the criminal underworld's unrest has put the city on the precipice of total destruction. It's up to Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, and the Gotham City Police Department to stop the advancing hordes of criminals running wild on the streets, all while still working to uncover the devious plots of Gotham's greatest villains! Batman: The Animated Series - Gotham Under Siege has you and up to 4 of your friends playing as Batman and his trusted allies. Each round you'll face off against a set of story cards all inspired by the first season of Batman: The Animated Series, and roll a pool of dice to complete actions. You'll need to balance between cleaning up the streets of Gotham and completing story missions in order to protect the city. Let too many civilians fall or buildings be destroyed, and there will be nothing left for Batman to protect! Includes 5 highly detailed miniatures! Game design from Richard Launius (Arkham Horror, Planet of the Apes)! Features all-new artwork from Sean Galloway and Leonardo Ito!"

The miniatures by Brian Dugas also look promising:


IDW is planning future board game releases in the Batman: The Animated Series line, which will likely include expansions to Gotham Under Siege. If you want it for game nights starting this fall, the free shipping offer is probably as good a deal as we’re going to get until long after the game is released. Take advantage of it while you can.

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