Grant Gustin Promises The Flash Won't Lose His Optimism After Devastating Season 2

"He'll find a way to deal with this," Grant Gustin told on the red carpet at the CW Upfronts Thursday morning. The actor got visibly emotional when talking about what his character Barry Allen on The Flash has been through in season two of the hit series.

In the season, Barry has seen his surrogate father die on an alternate world, been betrayed by another friend and mentor, lost (and regained) his powers, and now had to watch his actual father murdered right in front of his eyes. All of this has happened on the series that fans look to as a source of optimism, a character that has been praised for his pure joy in using his powers to save the day.

"We won't lose it," Gustin promised in regards to that optimism. "I will be adamant! I don’t know what’s going to happen in season 3, how they’re going to write it, where they’re going to go, but Berlanti and Kreisberg and Geoff – I actually don’t know how closely Geoff’s involved anymore – but all those guys know The Flash better than anybody, and they know that he has to have the optimism."

Gustin said that Barry's "whole perspective on life is to constantly move forward with his life, and let his past be a part of it, but stay optimistic and kind of live your life." His past tragedies will help him with his present ones, as well.

"He lost his mom at a young age, he saw her right in front of him, then went back in time and watched it again… he’ll find a way to deal with this. He’s not going to let it ruin him. It’s going to be hard to come back from this one, but he’ll stay optimistic Barry," the actor said.

As for the season finale? When asked about the emotion that best describes season two's big finish, Gustin himself got emotional, clearly affected by it.

"There's really nothing to even say," he finally uttered after searching for the words. "We literally pick up with the exact moment that we left off in the last episode, so it's just - there's no words."

Sounds like another tear-jerker is ahead of us, Flash fans.

The Flash season 2 finale airs Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 8pm. Season 3 of the series will continue on Tuesdays on The CW this fall.




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