Grant Gustin Thinks Flash And Supergirl Would Be A Good Match


In last night's season finale of The Flash, Barry Allen and Iris West professed their love for one another -- and moments later, Barry was off into the timestream to change history without anyone's knowledge.

The series' third season, which launches in the fall, will "be like waking up in wonderland," series regular Carlos Valdes told DC All Access in a video interview embedded below. He promised alternate versions of characters and relationships with whom the viewer is familiar.

That all sounds distinctly like the Flashpoint storyline from the comics, in which The Flash inadvertently turned history on its ear by saving his mother from being murdered.

In the comics, though, speedsters often have used their love interest as their "lightning rod," allowing them to travel into and then out of the Speed Force without being stuck there and becoming part of it.

So...who will Barry be coming home to, since he left Iris essentially moments after the most important kiss of their lives? Well, series star Grant Gustin likes the idea of Supergirl.


"We had a really fun dynamic and I bet next year, there's probably more crossovers than we've ever had," Gustin said, adding when prompted that Barry and Kara "would be a good match."

Both Supergirl and The Flash will return on The CW next fall. A four-way crossover between the two heroes, along with Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, has already been announced by The CW, and there's plenty of speculation that it might actually be the season premieres of the series, since Barry's actions in the season finale could lead to a Flashpoint-like alternate reality.