'Green Lantern Corps': DC Reportedly Eyeing 'Mission Impossible's Christopher McQuarrie to Direct

Young. African-American. Marine sniper before he joined the Lantern Corps.If McQuarrie does take [...]

Green Lantern Rebirth
(Photo: DC Comics)

It looks like the DCEU finally has its eye on a director for the upcoming Green Lantern movie!

According to a new report from our friends at That Hashtag Show, Warner Bros. is currently eyeing Christopher McQuarrie to direct the Green Lantern Corps film.

McQuarrie has spent the last few years behind the camera of multiple celebrated action films, as he directed Jack Reacher, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, and this summer's upcoming blockbuster, Mission: Impossible - Fallout. McQuarrie also wrote the screenplay for the highly celebrated sci-fi film, Edge of Tomorrow.

If McQuarrie were to take the job with Warner Bros., he would likely get started on the project once Fallout premieres in a couple of months. The studio is currently hoping for a 2020 release for the film, so production will need to begin sometime soon, especially considering the amount of special effects that will be required in post production.

According to the report, the logline for Green Lantern Corps is as follows:

Former test pilot Hal Jordan, now a veteran of the intergalactic group of protectors for peace and justice known as the Green Lantern Corps, mentors young recruit John Stewart.

That Hashtag Show also included the casting breakdowns for both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, confirming the age difference and relationship between the two.

Hal Jordan: Lead Male (39-50) Now a veteran of the Green Lanter Corps., Caucasian. Former military test-pilot.

John Stewart: Lead Male (21-30) Young. African-American. Marine sniper before he joined the Lantern Corps.

If McQuarrie does take charge of the film, there would likely be a chance that Tom Cruise would be considered for the role of Hal Jordan. While there haven't been any rumors linking him to the film, McQuarrie has worked with the actor in his last four projects, and Cruise does play into that age range. That's all speculation though, as no casting decisions have been made at this time.

Do you think Christopher McQuarrie should helm the Green Lantern Corps for DC? Who should take on the roles of Hal Jordan and John Stewart? Let us know in the comments below!