Harley Quinn And Wonder Woman Get Their Own Workout Sneakers

If there’s one thing that Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman can agree on, it’s comfortable shoes. [...]

If there's one thing that Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman can agree on, it's comfortable shoes. These new sneakers certainly look comfortable for walking and working out, and they're super stylish.

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(Photo: ThinkGeek)

Take Wonder Woman for example. The super popular 3-piece Wonder Woman wedge boots look amazing, but I can't imagine that they would be very comfortable to wear. On the other hand, these art deco style Wonder Woman lace-ups appear to be both comfortable and stylish, but when it comes to walking long distances or working out, they won't fit the bill. Only athletic sneakers will do, and you can order the Wonder Woman athletic sneakers here and the Harley Quinn sneakers here in ladies' whole sizes 6-11.

If you want to go all out with your workout wardrobe, you can pair the sneakers with items like a Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn sports bra with matching capris. Then you an beat the crap out of this workout equipment to show Marvel who's boss.