Harley Quinn Season 2 Premiere Date Reportedly Revealed, and It's Returning a Lot Sooner Than You Thought

Fans were just treated to at the hilarious first season finale of Harley Quinn now streaming on [...]

Fans were just treated to at the hilarious first season finale of Harley Quinn now streaming on the DC Universe app, but there's obviously a lot more adventures to be had with Harley and her growing gang of villainous pals. And now we won't have to wait long to see their return, as we now know the animated series will be coming back a lot sooner than we anticipated. According to a report from Decider, Harley Quinn Season 2 will begin streaming on DC Universe beginning on April 3rd.

That's a surprising turnaround for new episodes, though it could have been the plan after the series was greenlit. The other DC Universe animated series Young Justice: Outsiders had a similar rollout, airing the first half of the third season in 2018 before finishing the second half in 2019.

Harley Quinn Season 2 was probably finished as part of the same production block as the first season, but was also treated to being split into two halves to stretch out the run for the series and keeping monthly subscribers of DC Universe entertained.

Fans were along for the chaotic ride as Harley dealt with her status in Gotham City after breaking up with the Joker and forging her own villainous identity, though it became clear that her bond with Poison Ivy was the most important relationship in the show. And while Harley has stayed single and Ivy has begun a strange relationship with the pathetic Kite-Man, fans are still clamoring to see the two sirens get together.

Series co-creator Justin Halpern previously teased that it might be in the works, but that fans will have to wait a while.

"It was important for us in Season 1 to not get her out of a relationship and then suddenly get her into another one," Halpern told CBR. "We wanted it to just be about this self-discovery and not self-discovery in terms of how I validate myself through other people. In the first season, we sort of stay away from too much of her being romantically involved in anything."

The entire first season of Harley Quinn is now available to stream on DC Universe, while Season 2 of the animated series will reportedly debut on Friday, April 3rd.