Harley Quinn Season 4 Introduces Surprise New DC Character

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy traveled to the future and met their daughter!

The seventh episode of Harley Quinn's fourth season, "The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time," sees Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) attempting to steal a time-sphere, but things go awry when Harley (Kaley Cuoco) tries to talk to Ivy about her current mental health struggles mid-heist. Ivy tries to give Harley the brush off, so she decides to steal the time-sphere herself in order to go to the future and talk to an older version of Ivy, who will presumably be less busy. Unfortunately, Gotham in the year 2048 has become an apocalyptic wasteland with few survivors. However, one such survivor is the DC character we didn't know we desperately needed... Harley and Ivy's daughter! 

Harley and Ivy's daughter is revealed to be named Neytiri after the Avatar character played by Zoe Saldaña. Turns out, Harley and Ivy could never agree on a name for their daughter, so she named herself on the first day of kindergarten. When Harley learns of the name, she decides to change it to Princess Ladyfingers. Neytiri AKA Princess Ladyfingers is voiced by Zosia Mamet who stars alongside Cuoco in The Flight Attendant. The character is the perfect combo of Harley and Ivy. She rocks green skin and white pigtails and has a Cobb Squad tattoo just like Ivy. You can check out an image of DC's newest character below:

(Photo: DC/Max)

Unfortunately, it's revealed that Neytiri isn't a huge fan of her moms, who are long dead in her time. In fact, it turns out she was raised by Cheryl, a recurring character in the series who is also voiced by Lake Bell. Neytiri betrays her parents to Robin (Jacob Tremblay), who now runs things in post-apocalyptic Gotham. Thankfully, King Shark's son, King Baby (Gary Anthony Williams), saves them and they're able to return to their own time, but not before teaching their daughter a little lesson in respect. 

Neytiri claims Harley and Ivy were bad parents who never communicated properly, and says it's their fault everything in Gotham was destroyed. However, King Baby reveals the apocalypse was actually Lex Luther's doing. Harley and Ivy vow to prevent the apocalypse and get excited about being parents... eventually. However, things get complicated when they accidentally return to their time, six days in the future. 

Is the Kite Man Spin-Off Still Happening?

When news of the fourth season of Harley Quinn was announced, it was also revealed that showrunners Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern were stepping down in order to work on expanding the Harley Quinn series into spin-offs. It was announced last year that a Kite Man spinoff was in the works, and Halpern previously teased what fans can expect from their upcoming series.

"It's run by Dean Lorey, who we did the first three seasons with, and he partners with Katie Rich, an amazing comedy writer. The Kite Man series is gonna hit some of the same vibes that the special does. It gets out there. It goes for it. They've done such a good job of making Kite Man and Golden Gliders lovable doofuses. Pat and I pitched Harley as 'It's Mary Tyler Moore with a psycho killer at the front.' But we've always talked about the Kite Man show as CheersCheers, but for B-list supervillains." \

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