Harley Quinn Season 4 Features Another Big Change for Joker

It looks like Joker might be returning to form in Harley Quinn.

The sixth episode of Harley Quinn's fourth season, "Metamorphosis," is now streaming on Max. The episode followed the aftermath of last week's shocking death, and also saw Joker (Alan Tudyk) making some big life changes. Warning: Spoilers Ahead! During this season, it's become clear that Joker is getting sick of being Gotham's mayor and is missing his life of crime. Ever since Joker briefly lost his memory, he's been living a suburban life with his girlfriend Bethany and her kids. Joker has proven to be a good step-dad, even after he remembered who he is. In fact, he calls a family meeting in the new episode to let everyone know he's returning to villainy.

Hilariously, Bethany and the kids are immediately on board with Joker's "big change," and instantly start coming up with ways his return to form can help them. Once Joker gets his family's blessing, he goes to the Legion of Doom to officially announce his return. Joker also claims to have killed Nightwing, but we're not convinced it was really him who killed the hero. In fact, this could just be part of Harley's (Kaley Cuoco) recent sleepwalking. 

However, if Joker really is returning to villainy, this will likely pose a problem for both Harley and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell). As a new member of the Bat-Family, Harley might have to face off with her ex. As for Ivy, Joker could pose a threat to her new position as the leader of the Legion of Doom. There are only four episodes of the season to go, so answers will likely be coming soon. 

Is the Kite Man Spin-Off Still Happening?

When news of the fourth season of Harley Quinn was announced, it was also revealed that showrunners Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern were stepping down in order to work on expanding the Harley Quinn series into spin-offs. It was announced last year that a Kite Man spinoff was in the works, and Halpern previously teased what fans can expect from their upcoming series.

"It's run by Dean Lorey, who we did the first three seasons with, and he partners with Katie Rich, an amazing comedy writer. The Kite Man series is gonna hit some of the same vibes that the special does. It gets out there. It goes for it. They've done such a good job of making Kite Man and Golden Gliders lovable doofuses. Pat and I pitched Harley as 'It's Mary Tyler Moore with a psycho killer at the front.' But we've always talked about the Kite Man show as CheersCheers, but for B-list supervillains." \

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