Heroes & Villains Fan Fest: Arrow Cast Panel Recap

Over the weekend, cast members from Arrow, The Flash, Game of Thrones and other geek fan favorite [...]

Over the weekend, cast members from Arrow, The Flash, Game of Thrones and other geek fan favorite shows assembled in Atlanta, Georgia for Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in the Georgia World Congress Center.

On Saturday, the cast of Arrow took over the panel stage on the showroom floor to kick off a weekend packed with panels. David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Katie Cassidy, Paul Blackthorne, and Charlotte Ross kicked off the weekend.

----- Panel started at 11:00 AM -----

The cast run through their favorite moments of the current season.

Blackthorne jokes that all he has done so far is get drunk and upset. Holland agrees she has done the same thing. Cassidy says she can't answer because she contractually can't, saying, "Have I been there yet?" and Holland says, "She's had some moments."

Cassidy discusses Quentin and Thea's new relationship. She says Laurel would be supportive. Blackthorne tells Cassidy she would approve.

Back to favorite moments, Ramsey says, "Thank the lord!" about having a new helmet. He says getting back to the team was good, even with the new characters. As an actor, he sometimes wonders who all of these new people are but the season has been fun. "Stephen and I have a lot of fun together," Ramsey says. Blackthorne chimes in, saying he gets annoyed by the "bottom pinching" among the two of them.

Ramsey is asked if he'll do the salmon ladder and he says he doesn't know if they'll see him do it again. The women claim they could do the salmon ladder, too.

Ross compliments Blackthorne's performance and says that she would be very supportive of him in the rough patches he has been going through on the series.

A fan asks the panelists to put on an English accent and have Blackthorne judge it. The women start carrying a conversation with accents until Blackthorne asks for Ramsey's. He says his impersonation of Blackthorne is, "David, Stephen, shut up!"

The next fan asks which season's Arrow logo is their favorite. Holland and Ramsey say Season 1.

Ross says that Donna is probably a little hurt by the fact that no one has called her in a while but insists they send a lot of emojis back and forth. "Her daughter hasn't been totally honest with her about her relationship," Ross says, "or I would be flying in and fixing that."

Ramsey is asked about

"It's a great story point, you'll see Diggle's reaction to once having a daughter in the big four week crossover," Ramsey says. "From his perspective, there's only been John Jr. Sarah never existed for him."

"He's not gonna be angry," Ramsey says. "He's gonna be much more concerned about Barry's misuse of his powers.

The cast reveal who their dream sidekick would be. Holland says "Little Penguin." She's been chatting with Robin Lord Taylor. Cassidy says "The Green Arrow."

Blackthorne says "There's a lot of things that you don't see between the plot points on Arrow." He is asked about the fallout between Donna and Quentin. "I wanted him to be my knight in shining armor," Ross says. Blackthorne adds, "We had gone off on our little road trip on the end of Season 4…Then she was like let's go back to Vegas where I'm from!…I suddenly see the reality of Donna Smoak's world." He goes on to explain that seeing Donna's world drove Quentin back to the bottle.

Ramsey is asked about the legacy of Sarah not being honored through baby Sarah. "That sucks!" Ramsey said. "I think the writers are gonna bring it back around."

"How will Diggle who has a tendency of honoring the dead honor someone like Sarah since he no longer has a [female] child?" Ramsey said. "I think we're gonna get to that. I don't know yet. I think it will be an injustice that Diggle didn't honor Sarah's death in some way."

Holland is asked if she'll be wearing her Speedy costume again.

"Yeah, I definitely do! I miss that leather outfit a lot," Holland said. "I miss being in the Arrowcave. I miss shooting on set all the time!"

"The crossover photos have leaked out…You see that I put my costume back on after 8 episodes of not wearing it." Holland said. "I have a feeling she's going to be periodically putting it back on whenever it's necessary."

A fan asks for a dance off with Willa Holland. She accepts the challenge and asks for some music. Afterwards, the cast is asked their favorite super hero. Holland grew up on Batman and she sticks with him. Cassidy says Catwoman. Ross says Jane Goodall. Ramsey says Moon Knight. Blackthorne admits his favorite isn't a hero but it's the Joker. Holland points out that the Joker kind of did some good in Suicide Squad.

Ramsey is asked to pick between baby John and baby Sarah as a favorite and he shares some admiration for baby Sarah. He picks the girl, "though I love Johnny Jr.," he says.

"That's supposed to happen," Ramsey says about John Jr. tying into Connor Hawke's storyline.