The Most Incredible Holiday Ornament Sale Ever is Happening Right Now


Now that Christmas is over, you'll find big discounts on holiday decorations just about everywhere - but they probably won't be as amazing as this one. ThinkGeek is selling some of the most spectacularly nerdy decorations on the planet for prices that are hard to believe. We highly suggest diving right into the the entire sale immediately because these are going to sell out quickly, but if you need more convincing, here's a sample to get you started:

Hallmark Keepsake Princess Leia Organa: A New Hope Ornament: $4.99 - 72% off
Hallmark Keepsake Star Wars Scene Ornament: A Duel to the Death: $8.99 - 70% off
Star Wars Lighted Yoda Tree Topper: $7.99 - 80% off
Hallmark Harry Potter Keepsake - A Dangerous Game Ornament: $6.99 - 72% off
Star Wars R2-D2 Luminary Lighted Outdoor Décor: $6.99 - 80% off
Hallmark Keepsake Aliens: P-5000 powererd Work Loader Ornament: $5.99 - 70% off
Star Wars Darth Vader Stocking Holder: $6.99 - 80% off
Hallmark DC Decoupage Ornaments: $1.99 - 75% off
Death Star String Lights: $4.99 - 80% off

The sample above is only the tip of the iceberg, so head on over to ThinkGeek to shop the entire ornament sale. Again, you should load up on your favorites right away because sell outs are piling up. If you want to check out even more deals, take a look at ThinkGeek's entire year-end winter clearance sale.


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