India Theater Mistakenly Uses 'Justice League' Fan Made Poster That Includes Green Lantern And Green Arrow

With the artistic talent that exists on the internet, accidentally using something fan-made can [...]

With the artistic talent that exists on the internet, accidentally using something fan-made can easily happen. That said, one theater took that to an extreme.

Theaters all over the world are using a bevy of promotional materials to support the film, including one theater in India. The only problem is they used a fan-made poster instead of an official one, and the signs were all there that perhaps it wasn't right (via Reddit).

The poster they used is from artist Diamond Design HD and features Henry Cavill as Superman at the top...and that's where the similarities end. Superman is flanked by Martian Manhunter on one side and Stephen Amell's Green Arrow on the other. Neither, of course, is in the film, but it gets worse.

Elsewhere on the poster is a mockup of Wonder Woman (not Gal Gadot) and Green Lantern. There are two cameos from Green Lanterns, but Hal Jordan nor John Stewart make an appearance, and Idris Elba is nowhere to be found.

(Photo: DiamondDesignHD)

So, lots of signs, but we're not done. There's a Flash in the poster, but he's not wearing the film's costume. The same goes for Aquaman, who is wearing something closer to this comic origins and is distinctly not Jason Momoa.

Possibly the worst offender is Batman, who is clearly Christian Bale's version of the character from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.

The logo's even different, as is the date of release, which says May 4, 2015.

Now, the art itself is perfectly fine mind you, it is just hilarious that the theater thought this was anywhere near official, especially when you consider they had to add the Justice League official logo to the bottom of their poster.

Speaking of the poster itself, it is a cool touch that Darkseid's face is in the logo. He's not in the movie of course, but there's no way they would have known that.

You can see the side by side comparison in the image above. You can find the original poster and more from DiamondDesignHD on Deviant Art.

Justice League is in theaters now.