'Arrow' Showrunner On If There Will Be A 'Titans' Crossover

The DC Universe has already conquered broadcast television thanks to the Arrowverse show on The CW. Now DC is preparing to move into the streaming space, but could some of the Arrowverse character be going with it?

Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim was a guest at ACE Comic Con Long Island. During his panel, a fan brought up the recent mention of Bruce Wayne on Arrow and wondered if there could be some crossover between the Arrowverse shows and Titans, which will be released on the upcoming DC Comics streaming platform, or even if the show could be part of the same universe.

"Great question, again, above my pay grade," Guggenheim replied. "I will say this, the one thing I've learned is 'never say never.' I could not begin to tell you how often we say to each other, 'We never thought any of this was going to happen. We never thought we'd see all these characters. We never thought there'd be a universe.'

"So, never say never, but in terms of which characters be on which shows, what's part of the universe, above my paygrade and probably that's a good thing."

One character, in particular, has come under interest and that's Deathstroke. The deadly mercenary has been used as a foe for Oliver Queen on Arrow, but in the comics he was a character created to be a villain for the Teen Titans, leading some to wonder if Manu Bennett's version of the character could appear on Titans.

Bennett himself answered that question as best as he could at a different, recent convention.

"There's been no discussion about that," Bennett said during a panel. "And I don't know. The power's in the pen, that's all I can say about that. I really have no idea. The power's in the pen, and in the audience saying what they want."


DC Comics recently revealed the first look at Brenton Thwaites in his Robin costume as Dick Grayson. Robin's presence in Titans combined with Arrow's mention of Bruce Wayne is sure to fuel speculation in the months to come.

Titans is expected to debut in 2018.