'X-Men' Star James McAvoy Reveals His Interest In Playing The Riddler

James McAvoy has become one of Hollywood’s top talents, and he has shared his work with Marvel [...]

James McAvoy has become one of Hollywood's top talents, and he has shared his work with Marvel for sometime. The actor stepped in to play a young Charles Xavier within the X-Men film universe, but Disney's recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox will likely complicate the gig. So, it seems the actor is ready to throw his name in the hat for another comic book role.

However, this time, it turns out the actor would be very interested in playing an iconic DC Comics baddie.

Recently, McAvoy revealed his interest in playing the Riddler during a live video stream. The actor was asked on Instagram who he would like to play if he joined the DC Universe.

"The Riddler? I always liked him when I was growing up. That would be cool," the actor said.

"I've always thought DC does really good bad guys."

There are no pubic plans for the Riddler to join the DC Extended Universe, but McAvoy would make an interesting pick. Currently, the Riddler does appear in Gotham, and the villain's serial gig has become a favorite within the series.

Depending on what happens following Disney's buyout of Fox, McAvoy will be in the market for a new superhero gig. The actor began his tenure with X-Men when he nabbed the role of Professor X. McAvoy debuted his take on the mutant in X-Men: First Class, but it seems there are plenty more roles the Scottish actor wants to explore. If the Riddle never pans out, McAvoy did say he's considered a try at Star Trek if the right role comes up.

"I will take you where no Star Trek fan has gone before," McAvory said in a recent interview where he shared his interest in playing a young Jean-Luc Picard. "I will reveal things about Jean-Luc Picard that nobody even wanted to see. I will rip this captain to shreds."

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