Did Jason Momoa Just Spoil the End of 'Aquaman'?

Cast and crew of Aquaman swarmed San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H yesterday and with their presentation, they brought the world premiere trailer of director James Wans' upcoming DC blockbuster. We got our first look at many of the movie's character and the beautiful series of Atlantis, and we also found out that Arthur Curry's (Jason Momoa) half brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) was currently ruling over Atlantis.

But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Momoa might have slipped and revealed the ending of Aquaman.

WARNING: The follow quotes could be considering spoilers if it turns out the events are accurate. Proceed with caution if you don't want to be spoiled when it comes to Aquaman.

When asked about Curry's role in Aquaman, Momoa reiterated that what we've seen of the character in his two DC Extended Universe appearances hasn't even come close to scratching the surface.

"Obviously this is whole origin story. We've seen him in Justice League, which is two minutes of his whole life so we get to see where he came from," Momoa said about his character's origin story.

Momoa then went on to seemingly confirm that by the end of Aquaman — perhaps as late as even the last frame of the movie — Arthur Curry will be named king of Atlantis.

"I think when he was a little boy, he had these powers and he didn't hone them in so this whole journey of him going to become the king...the last frame of this movie you're going to see him actually become the thing he was destined to be."

After all, this news might not be shocking to many people as Arthur has nearly always been the king of Atlantis in the DC Comics mythos. Even the movie's toy merchandising confirmed Momoa's Curry would his receive his classic orange and green costume by the end of the movie, hinting at some sort of change in his character's position.

Momoa had previously spoken to media on how character had differed between appearances in his own film and Justice League.

"Justice League was like college. I'm not really sure what Aquaman was, it's just all on my shoulders. I had a great time," said Momoa. "I think in Justice League, you had five other characters around you suffering equally the same, so it was kind of fun to endure that . And then you know got me ready to do my solo movie which was challenging and tough and hard and super satisfying."


Aquaman swims into theaters on December 21, 2018.