Joker Star Joaquin Phoenix Involved in Accident With Paramedics' Truck

Last weekend, Joker quickly skyrocketed to the top of the box office and broke several records along the way, becoming the number one movie in the world. That's quite a feat given the film's R-rating and difficult subject matter, but nothing was able to stop the Clown Prince of Crime from becoming a smash hit. In all likelihood, Joker will repeat that success this weekend, beating newcomers Gemini Man and The Addams Family to once again wear the box office crown. However, not everything is perfect in the world of Joker star Joaquin Phoenix, as the actor was involved in a minor accident this week.

According to TMZ, Phoenix hit a fire department vehicle on Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles. The actor was pulling out of a parking lot in West Hollywood when his Tesla's bumper collided with an unoccupied L.A. County Fire Department truck. Unlike his on screen character, Phoenix made sure to track down the paramedics who had parked the truck in order to straighten things out.

The report says that Phoenix found the paramedics and traded insurance information after calling the police. A damage report was taken due to the fact that L.A. County property was damaged in the accident.

Apparently Phoenix simply misjudged the turn he was making and thought he had enough room to clear the truck. He must not have, though the damage to the truck was minimal. Those who were nearby the accident have said that the department vehicle just got a slight scratch on the bumper, while Phoenix's Tesla took the worst of the damage.


Phoenix was ultimately not ticketed for the accident, considering how minor the damage was and the fact that no laws were broken. The actor was reportedly very easy to deal with and polite to the officers and paramedics.

With that minor accident now in the past, Phoenix can continue his reign over the worldwide box office this weekend.