The Joker Origin Movie Filming Location And Start Date Revealed

The Joker Origin movie from Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix seems to be a priority for Warner Bros, and cameras could start rolling quite soon.

The film will take a different approach than others in the DC movie universe, existing outside of the main continuity. According to Omega Underground the film, which will be set in the 80s, could start filming as soon as September, and filming looks to takes place in New York City.

If that ends up happening the project would be primed for a San Diego Comic-Con announcement this year, but guess we'll just have to wait and see.

The film will also be produced by Martin Scorsese and will be a dark and gritty take on the character that shows how he came to be the Clown Prince of Crime. The story is expected to take elements from The Killing Joke, and center around a failed 1980s comedian who turns to crime after bombing time and time again. Scorsese has some experience in that real, helming the 1982 project with Rober De Niro King of Comedy, making him a great fit for this project.

While there's some A-plus talent involved, the film is eyeing a smaller budget, in the neighborhood of $55 million. That makes sense for a few reasons, including the fact that Joker doesn't really have any CGI-devouring superpowers to milk the budget. This is also a more grounded take anyway, so if it does hit well with audiences the film could be a huge profit boost for the studio thanks to that approach.


This will be one of two Joker projects in the works. A standalone Joker film with Jared Leto reprising his role from Suicide Squad is also in development, and it is unknown if he will also return for the upcoming Suicide Squad 2. Leto's film will take place within the confines of movie continuity though, while this origin film will be under a new label that DC and Warner Bros. have yet to announce.

Up next for DC and Warner Bros. is Aquaman, which hits theaters on December 21.