Jonah Hex Confirmed to Return for Crisis on Infinite Earths

The next big Arrowverse crossover continues to get bigger and bigger as even more returning heroes are announced for a comeback in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Now ComicBook can confirm that a popular hero who has appeared multiple times on Legends of Tomorrow will be showing up in The CW's superhero event, as Johnathon Schaech is set to reprise his role as the cowboy vigilante Jonah Hex. Schaech last appeared in the Season 3 finale of Legends of Tomorrow, but will likely aid the heroes as they attempt to take down the Anti-Monitor in the new episodes.

Jonah Hex is a cult-favorite character in DC Comics and has since made multiple appearances in other media including animated series and the Arrowverse shows. He's perhaps most known for Josh Brolin's portrayal of the character in the live-action Jonah Hex movie that co-starred Megan Fox.

Along with Schaech (which was first reported by EW), Superman actor Tyler Hoechlin will reprise his role as the Man of Steel from Supergirl, and he'll be joined by Legends of Tomorrow's Atom actor Brandon Routh who will once again play Clark Kent for the first time since starring in the film Superman Returns. Hoechlin offered a tease of what fans can expect when the Supermen collide in the crossover event.

"It's big. I'm excited to see what they come up with, because I know it's huge," Hoechlin explained. "Obviously I'm aware of the scale of it, so we're getting ambitious here. I'm excited. It's gonna be insane."

The show will disrupt all of the storylines for The CW shows, especially The Flash which showrunner Eric Wallace teased will be majorly impacted by the event.

"It's like stepping on a landmine," says showrunner Eric Wallace. "All of a sudden the future is today, and that turns everything upside-down. You'll see each member of Team Flash react in their own unique, and sometimes tragic, way."

Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries explained that her new series could get derailed by the event, but that she's working hard with the other producers to make sure Kate Kane stays on track.


"That was really important to me as we were breaking the crossover is that I want to really keep the tone of our show in Gotham and very grounded," Dries revealed. "We are just starting out, and our characters it's not normal for them to interact with aliens and travel to different universes and stuff like that. So that is the first thing I brought up to the writers' the major writers' room as we were breaking the crossover, like, 'This is the thing that's important to me.'"

Crisis on Infinite Earths begins on The CW this December.