Justice League's Jason Momoa Says Aquaman And Cyborg Do Not Get Along

Early trailers for Justice League show a burgeoning friendship between most of the League, but it doesn't start out that way, especially for Aquaman and Cyborg.

The heir to Atlantis is a bit skeptical of this whole "team up to save the world" thing, and it takes some convincing to get him on board at all, nonetheless with a teammate who is as mysterious and powerful as Cyborg. Actor Jason Momoa teased that early conflict and described just how far uphill the two have to go (via GamesRadar).

"Me and Cyborg do not get along at all. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him," Momoa told Total Film magazine. "Over time, that will change. It's the same thing with Bruce [Wayne]. I'm like, 'Nah, I'm not buying into it."

Fans can see how that Batman confrontation goes early on, with Aquaman pinning him to the wall. Granted, this is Batman, so he could get free if he really wanted to, but knocking someone out isn't the best recruitment technique.

Some of that resentment between Aquaman and Cyborg probably comes from just how similar they are. At least, that's what Cyborg actor Ray Fisher thinks.

"I think there is a recognition between them where they may not necessarily get along, and they may not necessarily trust one another at first, but it's that thing when you see someone who's like you, and when you resent yourself to begin with, it could create that sort of conflict between them. There is also a very deep level of respect at the same time," Fisher told Geek Magazine.

The two heroes both know what it's like to be torn between two worlds, and that might just be the thing to bring them together in the end.


It will be interesting to see how Aquaman and Cyborg work through their issues on screen, but off screen, the whole cast seems to get along swimmingly. Momoa describes Flash actor Ezra Miller "like a younger brother," and calls Wonder Woman Gal Gadot "literally one of the most beautiful human beings that has ever existed."

Fans will soon get a chance to see how the League comes together when Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

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