'Justice League': Barry Allen & Batman's Computer Screens Are Full Of Fun Facts In New Reel

Barry Allen's workshop is a sea of computer monitors, and there's plenty of noteworthy material [...]

Barry Allen's workshop is a sea of computer monitors, and there's plenty of noteworthy material when you take a closer look.

A new UI reel from Blind LTD reveals the myriad of screens and video that is running across Allen's monitors earlier in the film. Taking a stroll through the reel you can see how much data Allen has analyzed when constructing his costume, which can be seen in the middle of his place.

He's measuring his actual speed and the resistance it creates, as well as how his helmet and costume handle that resistance. He's not Batman level mind you in his sheer consumption of information, but he's not that far off.

Speaking of Batman, you can see just how much information he has at his fingertips about the members of the League. Batman pulls up Allen's driver's license and DMV information as well as footage from his various crime-stopping in Central City. Batman also pulls up footage of Cyborg's transformation and ancient documents involving Aquaman's Atlantis. This shouldn't be surprising mind you, but it's still cool to see all together.

The footage also reveals detailed designs and analytics on Batman's Nightcrawler and the new and improved Batmobile, as well as breakdowns of his new tactical suit's feedback, weak points, and armor integrity.

Cyborg's analytics can also be seen on the reel, showing how much data he can consume at any moment. His sensors pick up all sorts of things in the environment, and another screen shows how the energy flows within his system.

Wonder Woman uses her computer system in a slightly different way, using it to help analyze ancient artifacts, including that statue that currently resides in her office.

You can watch the entire reel here.

This footage appears throughout the film but is heavily concentrated in the first meeting between Batman and Flash. Batman is waiting for Barry Allen at his apartment, where Allen fires up all of his computers at once. Monitors litter the walls showing all sorts of data, but the costume in the center of the room pretty much gives that whole "I'm Flash" thing away. Gotta hide that better Barry.

Justice League is in theaters now.