Making of 'Justice League' Trailer Shows Batman Asking Aquaman If He Talks to Fish

Some of the best parts of any movie are the behind-the-scenes moments, and this exchange between Batman and Aquaman is a shining example of why.

In a new "Making Of" Justice League trailer, the heroes are seen in full costume as they put together various scenes. In one instance Batman (Ben Affleck) is standing alongside Aquaman (Jason Momoa), seemingly discussing strategy before their big fight. They also talk about Aquaman's telepathy, and it doesn't go smoothly.

"So uh, I was wondering if you could put out some, ya know, feelers in the aquatic community," Batman tells Aquaman. Aquaman gets a flabbergasted look on his face, turning to face Batman. Batman seems surprised that he's taking offense, offering up, "You do talk to fish, right?"

One of Aquaman's many abilities is to communicate with aquatic life, but it is much more layered than simply going up and talking to a goldfish. Fans will most likely see that touched on a bit (like in this scene for example) in Justice League, but it probably won't be fleshed out until Aquaman's solo film.

As for Momoa and Affleck, they seemed to have a really good time on set, as one other behind the scenes moment shows.

The trailer also gives fans a glimpse at what Cyborg's Ray Fisher looks like without all of the CGI, with a harness and a visor attachment offering the only tech to his motion-capture suit. He's also seen standing alongside The Flash and Aquaman in an outdoor sequence, and Batman can be seen dropping in from the sky in front of Wonder Woman in another action shot.

Commissioner Gordon also makes an appearance towards the end of the footage, which you can view in the video above.


It seems fans are more than ready to see the team in action, as Justice League currently enjoys a 4.16 out of 5 on's anticipation rankings. You can submit your vote here.

Justice League rolls into theaters on November 17th.