'Justice League' Never Had Plan For Superman's Black Costume

UPDATE: Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner says they filmed scenes with the black costume that were ultimately cut from the film.

The Justice League movie underwent a lot of changes during its tumultuous production, leaving fans clamoring for Zack Snyder's version of the film with deleted scenes glimpsed in the trailer.

But after Henry Cavill posted a photo on Instagram in August teasing Superman's black costume, fans were disappointed that it wasn't included in the film. But according to an anonymous visual effects artist who works on DC Films, the black suit was never going to be in the movie.

Reddit user LDN_Film revealed the information during an Ask Me Anything thread on the site, stating so when starting the post.

"There was (sadly) never a black Superman suit," he wrote.

Rumors of the suits inclusion started swirling around when Cavill posted a close up of what appeared to be Kryptonian garb colored black, and hashtagged the photo "#Superman."


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Cavill then continued to let rumors swirl, saying during an interview with WSVN in Miami, "that's exactly how it appears. I mean, it appears to be a black suit, right."

A black suit wouldn't be completely out of left field for the DC Films productions.

One version of the costume already appeared in a dream sequence for Man of Steel, where Superman stands on a mound of what appears to be human skulls. And since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League contained elements from the "Death and Return of Superman" storylines, it would have paid homage to the comics that inspired it.

In the comic, Clark Kent returns from the dead to take on the evil Cyborg Superman imposter, donning a capeless black suit with a silver S on the chest.


The fact that the costume was never going to be a part of the movie is likely to be disappointing to many fans who still insist Joss Whedon cut it out of the final film. So even if DC does get around to releasing an extended or director's cut, don't expect to see that iconic costume on the screen.

Justice League is now playing in theaters.