Did Danny Elfman Just Finish His 'Justice League' Score?

If you want a film to be its best, then you've got to have a top-notch composer. Justice League is one of the year's most anticipated films, and Warner Bros. decided to bring in Danny Elfman to score the superhero blockbuster. And, now, the musician has updated fans on how the film is going.

Thanks to Film Score Monthly, fans were able to learn a bit more about Justice League's post-production progress. Earlier this week, Elfman attended a symposium in Vienna that celebrated film scoring's long history. It was there that Elfman spoke to Melinda Newman about his on-going DC gig.

According to an audience member, Elfman talked about his first days as a film composer. However, after a few anecdotes, the musician then turned his eye to Justice League.

"He also talked a little bit about Justice League which was recorded last week in London," an attendee explained online.

"He talked about the work doing the mock-up and that the samples for a particularly moving sequence just didn't do justice for what he intended so he persuaded the producers to hire a string orchestra to embellish the mock-up. Let's just say that I am really looking forward to that score."

Fans have not heard any of the composer's score as of yet, but fans have high expectations. After all, Elfman was the genius behind the compositions of Tim Burton's acclaimed Batman films. The artist recently posted a short video of him on Batman Day working on the score, and Elfman seemed to be in good spirits.

"Hi, I'm Danny Elfman, composer of the original Batman score," Elfman greeted. "I'm now working on the film Justice League and I'm very happy to be back in the DC family. To everyone out there, I wish a happy Batman Day."

If Elfman's symposium comments are correct, it seems like he is done - or nearly finished - with the Justice League score if recording happened last week. Reports did confirm recently that Warner Bros. is already doing test-screenings of Justice League in California, so post-production on the highly anticipated film may be coming to a close soon enough.


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Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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