Justice League Dark Revealed To Be Next DC Animated Movie

Justice League Dark

Following in the footsteps of DC Entertainment's animated recreation of the iconic The Killing Joke storyline, the company is taking on one of their lesser known properties for their next endeavor.

While it hasn't been officially announced, we now know that their next animated film will be Justice League Dark, via the British Board of Film Classification (bbfc) website. In their listing for Batman: The Killing Joke, the additional material section includes "A Sneak Peak at Justice League Dark".

Justice League Dark was introduced as part of DC's New 52 initiative and featured a roster comprised of John Constantine, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Enchantress, and Shade the Changing Man. The team was meant to be a Justice League-like group that focused on Supernatural and Magical threats, but it wasn't actually related to the league in any way. In fact, they really don't want to be a team at all, but they end up grouping together for the greater good.

Writer Peter Milligan said at the time (via Newsarama): "It was the "dark" bit that really appealed to me. The idea of taking these characters and this kind of story into some dark places. That doesn't always or necessarily mean supernatural black magic dark. It can mean emotionally dark. A messed up confused kind of dark. The basic screwed up human condition transplanted onto a superhero/supernatural comic."


DC has been adept at translating some of these darker concepts into animated films, and I'm eager to see what they do with Justice League Dark, and what exact storyline they go with.