'Justice League': New Wide Angle Shot Of Deathstroke Released

Fans have been clamoring for more Deathstroke ever since the character appeared in the [...]

Fans have been clamoring for more Deathstroke ever since the character appeared in the post-credits scene for Justice League.

Now Clay Enos, the official photographer for the film, released a bigger version of his photo taken on the set of the movie, featuring Joe Manganiello's depiction of the one-eyed assassin.

In the movie, Deathstroke appears after the credits role. When an Arkham prison guard goes to check on Lex Luthor, he's surprised to find the now-bald rich boy has been replaced with a body double, who only chuckles maniacally as the guard realizes Lex has escaped.

Check it out in the photo below!

(Photo: Clay Enos)

The scene then cuts to a masked and armored Deathstroke driving his speedboat to Lex Luthor's yacht party. While there, Lex remarks that the heroes have united. When Deathstroke remarks that Luthor better not be wasting his time, he responds with an offer to create a League of their own.

The additional scene was a surprise for many fans, though Manganiello's portrayal of Deathstroke was announced a while ago. Ben Affleck posted a test video of the actor in costume last year, revealing Deathstroke as the villain of his planned Batman movie.

But Affleck has since stepped away from writing and directing The Batman as originally planned, replaced behind the lens by Matt Reeves, and fans have been wondering the status of Manganiello's portrayal of the character ever since.

While we still don't know where the character will pop up next, the inclusion in the post-credits scene could indicate that he'll at the very least pop up in a hypothetical Justice League sequel. While it seems likely that a followup of some form would be in the works, Warner Bros. has not yet announced their plans for another Justice League movie.

Whether it actually happens or if it will even include the Injustice League/Secret Society of Villains/Legion of Doom is anyone's guess. But hopefully Warner Bros. gives fans Manganiello's Deathstroke in a movie sooner than later.

Justice League is now playing in theaters.

(h/t Reddit)