'Justice League' Deleted Scenes Leak Online

With all of the commotion surrounding Justice League and the alterations made by Joss Whedon [...]

With all of the commotion surrounding Justice League and the alterations made by Joss Whedon before the film's premiere in theaters, now Warner Bros. has to deal with leaked deleted scenes from Zack Snyder's production.

The deleted scenes feature Cyborg heavily and were recently posted to Vimeo and range from significant omissions to being mundane. Check out the first one above, and view the rest at the link.

None of the clips have audio, so it's almost impossible to tell if there's any relevant dialogue that could have altered the film's story. There's also crude inclusion of CGI in each scene, showing how much post-production work was done on the film.

The first clip features the League after they've gathered at the hangar for the Flying Fox, where Cyborg recreates a setting in Nazi Germany. A human version of Victor Stone strolls through the simulation, indicating that he's exploring the memory in search of something.

The second offers a brief glimpse of how Cyborg processes information at almost overwhelming speeds, showing him take in different sources of data and communications very quickly.

The third deleted scene shows him on a Metropolis rooftop, attempting to figure out his jet propulsion system. After getting the hang of the movements, he looks to the sky and takes off in flight, offering an extended look at a clip that was featured in trailers but didn't make the movie's final cut.

The fourth scene shows Victor Stone as a human, but still with a mastery over technology. A bunch of missiles hover over him, as if they're all about to impact right where he's standing. But just as if he froze them, he waves his hand and sets them aside, just like he controls them.

The fifth one shows Cyborg turning toward the camera and nodding. That's basically it.

Number six shows Kiersey Clemons as Iris West in a sequence that was shown in a lot of the trailers. When Iris is about to meet a grisly fate when her convertible crashes into a large truck, Barry breaks through the glass window of a convenience store and rescues her. Of course, they cut Clemons' role out completely, so we don't know how much of a role she had in the movie beyond this scene.

The seventh clip shows a Parademon surveilling Cyborg's apartment while he hides, ready for battle if he's discovered.

And the final scene is an extended version of Martha Kent arriving to her farm to see the returned Superman, who waits with a smile.

While some of the scenes don't add much, it's clear that they cut out significant portions of Flash and Cyborg's arcs in order to meet the two-hour runtime.

It's unclear if these scenes were further worked on by the effects team, except for the Cyborg flying sequence and the part where Flash breaks through the glass, as they were both shown in the trailers. But if they do get finished, maybe Warner Bros. will release an extended cut, much like they did for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Academy Award-winning Suicide Squad.

Justice League is now in theaters.